Companies From Around the World Lay Out Groundbreaking Global Framework to Fight Climate Change

The Global Roundtable on Climate Change brings together leaders from all regions of the world including senior executives from the private sector and leaders of international governmental and non-governmental organizations to discuss and explore areas of potential consensus regarding core scientific, technological, and economic issues critical to shaping sound public policies on climate change. "Old Harbor Outfitters is dedicated to envirnomental conservation and working with organizations that take action to eliminate forces that impact our ocean resources" said Jessica Zonarich, Director of Conservation at OHO.

The statement — endorsed by Allianz, Bayer, Citigroup, DuPont, General Electric, Volvo, Old Harbor Outfitters and many others — calls on governments to set scientifically informed targets for greenhouse gases and carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. The agreement also urges governments to place a price on carbon emissions and to set forth policies aimed at addressing energy efficiency and de-carbonization in all sectors. Calling climate change "an urgent problem," the statement lays out a proactive framework for global action to mitigate risks and impacts while also meeting the global need for energy, economic growth and sustainable development. It outlines cost-effective technologies that exist today and others that could be developed and deployed to improve energy efficiency and help reduce CO2 emissions and other greenhouse gases in major sectors of the global economy. "Leaders from key economic sectors and regions of the world have reached a consensus on the path forward to reduce human-made climate change," said Jeffrey D. Sachs, Chair of the Global Roundtable on Climate Change and Director of The Earth Institute at Columbia University. "This initiative points the way to an urgently needed global framework for action. I congratulate the Roundtable signatories, and thank them for their bold leadership and contribution to global progress on this critical issue."

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