Steve Goione

Steve Goione’s art combines classical beauty with technical accuracy, making him one of the very best of the marine painters.

Growing up in New Jersey, Steve Goione knew in his heart of hearts that someday he’d play baseball for the New York Yankees. Fate intervened, which it is wont to do, and instead of wearing pinstripes, he now does exquisite illustrations of stripers. Striped bass, that is. Among other fish and other subjects.

Steve’s own convoluted journey to the present began virtually in the shadow of Giants Stadium in North Arlington, New Jersey, where he attended grade school and graduated from the local high school. But his soul had long before taken up residence on the Jersey Shore, where his parents had a home on Barnegat Bay. Fishing and crabbing consumed his summers.

"Other kids had Kool-Aid stands," he laughs. "I was in the shedder crab business, selling them to restaurants and tackle stores."

The baseball dream never materialized, but a life-long love affair with art persisted. As did his passion for fishing. After high school, he graduated from The College of Boca Raton with an AA in graphic design. At the urging of his professors, Steve then chose to enter the Ringling School of Art in Sarasota, Florida, one of the nations top venues for budding artists. It was here that he discovered a hitherto unknown facet of his talent.

"The first year you attend art school, everybody’s taking basic art courses," he says. "In the second year you make a decision if you’re going into graphic design, illustration , or fine art. I stayed with graphic design, despite showing a talent for illustration"

After art school, he landed a job with the Levolor Corporation, as the assistant to the creative director. Meanwhile, he continued to visit his old haunts along the Jersey shore, fishing when and where he could.

During this period, he honed his art by doing sketches of the fishing activities. "If we caught a mako shark", he says, "I’d illustrate it. If we caught a giant bluefin, I'd draw it hanging on the scales."

It was 1991 and Steve had already caught the eye of a number of clients, including Hatteras Yachts. It was through this association that he began attending the international boat shows in Fort Lauderdale and Miami. "That’s what brought me to the national level" he says.

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Steve’s style of watercolor and pen and ink is very detailed and realistic, not to mention time consuming. His unique style proved very popular, and sought after..

"When I illustrate a boat," he explains, "everything on that boat is in the illustration. Every cleat, every spreader, every light. It’s unlike other artists who paint in oils or acrylics, whose medium limits the fine detail they can achieve."

Steve makes about 15 appearances a year from Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard to the Carolinas and the Bahamas. He also attends three or four major events as a special guest of Hatteras Yachts. In between Steve finds time to work at his studio on privately commissioned originals.

"My graphic design training helped me tremendously," he says. "I learned how to work with corporations. You’ve got to be a businessman first and an artist second in this day and age."

There are those - there are many – who would argue, however, that it is talent alone that has propelled him to the top of his field.