Daniel Jean-Baptiste

Daniel Gabriel Angelo Jean-Baptiste was born on the Caribbean Island of St. Lucia in 1963 to parents of Dutch Jewish and African Caribbean descent.

Jean-Baptiste grew up in the tiny, one street fishing village of Choiseul, under the shadow of the towering Gros Piton. Spare time was spent fishing off the village’s long wooden jetty, which gave Jean Baptiste his first glimpses of the colorful creatures that inhabited the Caribbean Sea. The plants and fish that intrigued the young boy would later dominate his art. Childhood days were sweet, as sweet as the perfumed days of Saint Lucia.
Jean-Baptiste began painting at a young age. Visitors of the island soon began to notice the little boy who had the gift of capturing the cobalt blue sea with his watercolors. It was through these early youthful escapes that the artist Jean Baptiste began to evolve.
In 1978 he moved to Canada where he was introduced to silk painting during his eight years working in commercial art for Display Arts of Toronto. In 1988 Jean-Baptiste began his own display company, Cobalt Illustrations, producing hand painted silk banners for shopping centers and real estate developers across Canada. 
Jean-Baptiste and his family moved to St. Lucia in 1995. His work soon began reflecting the beauty of the island’s fish and flowers. He began focusing in on his subject, magnifying their beauty and vibrant colors. The translucency of the work allows light to further enhance the silk’s natural luster.       
He returned to Canada in October 2004 to explore new opportunities for his children and for his art. He is currently based in the beautiful city of Markham, Ontario.  And although temporarily removed from the tropical landscape, Jean-Baptiste continues to be inspired by the beauty of this island home.
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