Our Story

There we were. Eighty miles off Block Island, on the deep waters of the Canyons. Seven friends together to fish for big game. We were experienced. We were captains. We were good. But we suddenly realized, our gear was pathetic. We were wearing old T-shirts, sweatshirts, Hawaiian shorts. Throwing some gear in old gym bags. Using a toolbox for other gear. There was only one thing to do. Start from scratch. Figure out what we needed. Then make the gear ourselves. And that's how Old Harbor Outfitters started.

We saw a need out there for high-performance apparel and gear, specifically designed for the saltwater angler. We take the real-life experiences we have out on the water, and turn those into products we know serious fisherman need. Products that were never available before.

We design our gear from square one using high-tech fabrics and materials. Then, all of our products are "fish-on" tested aboard some of today's most successful sportfishing boats. These boats are captained by the OHO Pro Staff who provide critical feedback on all new products before they go into production.

These aren't products that come off an assembly line. These are products that are well thought-out, designed with a clean slate, and rigorously tested to make sure they'll work for you out in the real world.

Whether you're headed offshore or just walking the docks, our products are designed to be supremely functional as well as pretty darn good-looking.

Long known as a port for many mariners who made Northern Atlantic sportfishing legendary, Block Island's Old Harbor was the natural choice for our company name. It's our honor to continue the tradition of excellence set forth by generations of fishing enthusiasts.

The next time you visit Block Island, stop by the docks of Old Harbor and ask for the guys from OHO.