Team Bad To The Bone
Vancouver, WA

Stephen Seal
1498 SE tech Center Place
Vancouver, WA 98683


If it’s fishing, and the action is hot and heavy, chances are they’ll have their OHO BIg Rock Shorts on and be somewhere in the middle the action

Team Bad To The Bone, a Portland Oregon based offshore tournament team comprised of five members, is a perennial contender anytime their on the water in pursuit of big game. A mixture of intellectual young energy and mature years of experience has enabled this team to grace the podium five times in the last four years during the Oregon Tuna Classic Tournament Series. A series of IGFA Offshore World Championship qualifying events with all the proceeds going to help the hungry and those less fortunate in Oregon and Washington coastal communities. The team is well equipped for most any conditions with a 53’ Riviera (BOOYA) and a 33’ CC Hydra Sport (Tuna Dog) as part of their fleet. Pro Staff members for various companies including DAIWA, Garmin, Mustang Survival, Old Harbor Outfitters, Gamakatsu, TUF-Line, Ballyhood and have affiliations with numerous other companies. They are well known and highly regarded as leaders in the offshore fishing circles of the northwest. Fishing as a team on the west coast and sometimes other places with periodic trips by individual members, their adventures are followed on numerous chat forums and websites. Various members write a monthly blog, give a weekly fishing report on the radio during the fishing season, write a weekly fishing report which include recipes and during the off season give numerous seminars. Individual members have fished writers for magazines such as Sport Fishing, Western Outdoors, Northwest Sportsman and been involved in TV shows for The Best and Worst of Tred Barta, Americas Outdoor Journal, ESPN Outdoors, and been a periodic guest host for GPS Outdoors, Northwest Wild Country’s radio & TV, as well as ESPN’s Outdoorline radio shows.

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